Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 Weapon Mods Guide

There have been new additions of weapons, armor sets, and weapon mods in Subject 2923 of Remnant: From the Ashes. Players can get their hands on the Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 Weapon Mods by utilizing the weapons dropped by defeated bosses.

Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 Weapon Mods

After collecting the drops from the defeated bosses you will have to go to McCabe and talk to her.

She will show you the items that you can craft and that are available for you to craft out of the drops that you have gathered.

This guide covers all the newly added mods from Subject 2923, along with their locations and information about how to obtain them.

Very Good Boy
To obtain this new mod from Subject 2923, you will not have to defeat any bosses. Instead, you will have to pet a dog. The Very Good Boy will be next to the Wasteland Merchant in Rohm.

Obtaining the Weapon Mod will allow you to summon a Very Good Boy that will inflict 80 damage with a single bite.

In order to increase this damage, players can pet the dog. Doing so will increase the damaged inflicted by 5% for the duration of a minute. The Very Good Boy will last one minute and 12 seconds.

Frozen Mist
To get your hands on this new Weapon Mod you will have to defeat the boss Obryk in Reisum. He’s the Shield Warden boss located in the Exile’s Trench dungeon.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, you will get your hands on the Obryk’s Bracelet material. Afterwards, simply turn in this material in Ward 13 to obtain the Frozen Mist Weapon Mod.

The Weapon Mod will shoot a projectile that will inflict 20 Frost damage and it will also produce a cloud that will freeze and apply Frostbite to the enemies in a radius of 3 meters. The mod also stacks up to 3 times with direct hits.

Fan of Knives
This is another Weapon Mod for which the players will have to defeat a boss in Reisum. Tian, the Assassin is found in The Chasmic Vent dungeon.

After the boss is defeated, you will get the Siler Fragment material. Turn this material in Ward 13 to obtain the Fan of Knives mod.

The Weapon Mod will allow you to throw a fan that consists of 7 knives. Each knife will deal 40 damage to the enemy while inflicting a Bleeding effect on them.

The Bleeding effect will deal 400 damage within 20 seconds.

The third Weapon Mod is obtained after defeating Ikro, the Ice Conjurer. This boss is located inside The Sundered Court dungeon in Reisum.

Defeating the boss will get you the Glacial Scepter material. Turn this in Ward 13 and you will be able to get the new Weapon Mod from Subject 2923.

The mod will allow players to make a storm cloud which will cause icicles to fall.

Each icicle will deal 60 Frost damage while applying Frostbite to the enemies as well. The cloud can travel a distance of 30 meters.

Cold Spear
The Cold Spear Weapon Mod is obtained from defeating Erfor, The Jackal. Players will find this boss in Den of the Jackal dungeon in Reisum.

After defeating the boss, you will get the Jackal’s Ivory material. Turn this material in Ward 13 to get your hands on the mod.

This Weapon Mod will allow players to throw an ice spear towards the enemy. The spear will deal 100 Frost damage and apply up to 3 stacks of Frostbite.

The distance that the spear can travel is 3.5 meters. A direct hit on the target enemy will apply the Frozen effect on them.

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