PlayStation 5 Rumored To Release First In Japan

PlayStation 5 has been the subject of several rumors in the past week alone regarding the intended release date and release price. Hence, in similar fashion, another round of rumors has surfaced that not only claims to know about the release date and release price of PlayStation 5, but also the regional release plans.

According to a Chinese technology publication named MyDrivers, PlayStation 5 will launch first in Japan on November 14. The global or western launch will then follow on November 20, a date that has been claimed by previous rumors as well. Japan being the first to receive the next-generation console though is new.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has hinted no such release plans at the time of writing. PlayStation 4, in comparison, was released in Japan three months after the global launch. While Sony may yet prioritize a Japanese launch over the rest of the world, all available marketing campaigns for PlayStation 5 have so far focused the western markets.

The rumored report also states that the standard PlayStation 5 edition will be priced at $500 while the all-digital edition will be priced at $400. The latter was rumored to be priced at $450 instead, which just shows that all of these rumors should be taken at face value.

Coming to accessories, the new DualSense controller will apparently be priced at the same $60 and its charging station at $30. Those interested in the new high-definition PlayStation 5 camera could possibly have to part with $60.

Sony has been taking its sweet time but many believe that pre-orders will open up next month in September. Hence, many are expecting Sony to host a new digital event in the coming weeks to announce when PlayStation 5 will release and at what price. The all-important launch lineup also needs to be confirmed.

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