New Nintendo Switch Version Rumored To Be Coming In 2021

A recent rumor started by the Taipei, Taiwan-based Economic Daily News has claimed that we’ll be seeing a new Nintendo Switch version sometime in 2021, along with a Nintendo Direct supposedly happening on September 16. Of course, this is all still rumors, so don’t be despairing over it just yet.

The Nintendo Switch released back in early 2017 and has since then become a huge success, helped along by the large number of high-quality first-party games Nintendo has put out since then. THe company has also put out one other version of the Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite.

However, that doesn’t mean the rumor is true. The rumor comes from unnamed people that are part of the company supply chain, and while they may be in a position to be telling the truth, without actual identities, who knows if they’re actually legitimate insiders or just people playing a prank?

If the rumor is true, the new Nintendo Switch version is said to have upgraded interactivity, improved display quality, and will be entering production later this year. The rumor doesn’t come entirely out of nowhere either, since previous rumors of more powerful Switch consoles have made the rounds in the past.

If there is a new version of the Nintendo Switch coming out soon, it might be at the same time that Nintendo intends to reveal its game lineup for 2020. Nintendo has yet to do so, not having a Direct during the Summer of Gaming and only showing off a few indie presentations. Even the lone game they’ve announced, a remake of Pikmin 3, isn’t an entirely new property.

Alongside rumors of a new Nintendo Switch version, there are also rumors of a Nintendo Direct happening around September 16, at least according to David Gibson, the chief investment advisor at Astris Advisory Japan.

Gibson is hoping that the direct will come before a management meeting set for the date in question, but again without an announcement from Nintendo, we should take all of these things with a grain of salt.