Mortal Shell Brether Corvid Guide

In this Mortal Shell Brether Corvid guide, we will give you all the details you need to complete this side quest chain.

We will tell you how to find Brether Corvid and the various steps you need to complete in order to get different kinds of Glimpses.

Mortal Shell Brether Corvid Side Quest

Brether Corvid is located inside the Seat of Infinity near Dim Gate. Brether Corvid is the last Brether of a lost order.

He will tell you that he has lived a very long life and is now tired of life but also scared of death. There are two different possible outcomes for this side quest.

We have listed them both below.

Speak to Brether Corvid as Eredrim
To achieve this outcome, talk to Brether Corvid with the Eredrim Shell equipped at the ledge.

If you choose this outcome, Corvid will ask you to kill him by pushing him off the ledge. If you do this, you will receive a Glimpse of Cowardice.

Speak to Brether Corvid as Harros
To achieve the other outcome, speak to Brether Corvid as Harros. Brether Corvid will recognize Harros and will ask you for one last favor.

He will ask you to deliver Thestus an Item back at Fallgrim Tower. He will hand over the Glimpse of Admiration which he wants you to give to Thestus.

Fate of Brether Corvid
Take the Glimpse of Admiration to Thestus in Fallgrim. Speak to him and hand him a Glimpse of Admiration.

He will give you Thestus’ Glimpse of Tenacity to take back to Brether Corvid. Go back to Brether Corvid and talk to him. Corvid will ask you if Thestus is alive.

You will then get the option to Offer Thestus’s Glimpse to Brether Corvid.

If you offer the Glimpse to Corvid, he will move away from the ledge and talk about moving on to find Thestus.

After delivering a Glimpse to Corvid, he will move on to the new location. Brether Corvid moves to the Grisha cave behind Fallgrim Tower.

Go to this location now to find the corpse of Brether Corvid. On his corpse, you will find the Glimpse of Futility. This will be the end of the side quest.