Remnant From the Ashes Ward Prime Audio Recordings Locations Guide

Our guide to Remnant from the Ashes Ward Prime Audio Recording Locations will make the task of finding all the audio recordings in Subject 2923’s Ward Prime easier for you.

Remnant From the Ashes Ward Prime Audio Recordings Locations

There are various achievements in Remnant from the Ashes for you to unlock.

While some of these are pretty typical or story requirements – like defeating bosses; others are fairly exciting and difficult.

Finding all the Audio Recordings in Ward Prime while playing Subject 2923 DLC is one of those achievements.

So, there are in fact four Audio Recordings in Ward Prime, all situated in different blocks.

You need to interact and listen to all these recordings in order to mark the achievement and to unlock more voices.

These four logs are in the areas of Observatory, Medical Bay, Reactor Bay Entrance and Laboratory.

Read the details below to find the exact points of Audio Recordings in each of the above-mentioned locations.

Observatory Audio Recording
Head up through the stairs and get past the ‘observatory’ sign near the blast door on B1. The Audio Log is present on the console furthest from the entrance door.

Medical Bay Audio Recording
First of all, head down into the Medical Bay and break the glass of the door there to get inside.

Once inside the room, get the Maintenance Key and then break the bookshelf that will be covering the hole to the next room.

In this next room, you will find the Audio Log on the counter near the operating table.

Reactor Bay Entrance Recordings
Before entering the Reactor Bay area, head into the room prior to it to your left. From there, head opposite the Reactor Control room down the hall.

The path ahead will be blocked so head right from there and go into the storage room. You will find the Audio Log in here.

Laboratory Audio Recordings
First of all, you need to unlock the Medical Storage room in order to get the Ward Prime keycard to access the Laboratory.

For this, head into the Medical Chief room and interact with the computer.

Once the Medical Storage room is unlocked, head in there and get the Ward Prime keycard and then unlock the Laboratory.

There will be three blocked doors in the bottom of the Laboratory.

Gain access to the one to your left there and you will come across the final recording of the Ward Prime area.