Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 Obryk the Shield Warden Boss Guide

In this Remnant From the Ashes Obryk the Shield Warden boss guide, we’ll be showing you how to deal with his frostbite attack and get through its tough exterior.

Obryk the Shield Warden is a boss in Subject 2923 DLC of Remnant. This tanky beast is covered in a layer of thick armor protecting him from incoming damage.

Remnant From the Ashes Obryk the Shield Warden

Obryk’s an aggressive boss who will try his best to not give you any breathing space.

Throughout the fight, you’ll notice a number of openings that you can use to deal damage.

The First-Half
Initially, Obryk will start off with a leap attack. Roll out of the way, and get ready to dodge his second jump attack.

At this point, he’ll be vulnerable and open to damage.

For Obryk’s next attack, he’ll put his shield into the snow and throw it around to obscure your vision and attempt to leap onto you again.

This attack is followed by him going back into the fog, only to charge at you again.

This pattern is repeated until you bring him down to 50% of his health.

The Red-Eyed Shield-Bearer
Once you deal enough damage to Obryk, his eyes will begin to glow red, and he’ll gain a purple aura.

He’s stronger than before and now deals frostbite damage. If your frostbite bar is filled up, you will get frozen; making it harder to dodge any incoming attacks from the Warden.

Keep a Safe Distance
After Obryk is enraged, it’s best to stay as far from him as possible. Try not to get frostbitten during the fight, Spiceroot proves to be of great help for the second phase of the fight.


You’ll receive the following rewards for defeating Obryk the Shield Warden.

  • Scrap x877
  • Lumenite Crystals x3
  • Obryk’s Bracelet x1