Remnant From the Ashes Brudvaak and Vargr Boss Guide

In this Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 Brudvaak and Vargr guide we will help you fight the combined might of Brudvaak the Rider and his monstrous steed Vargr the Warg. We will give you useful strategies you can employ to easily takedown this dangerous duo.

A whole set of new challenges, weapons and adventures awaits players in the Subject 2923 DLC for Remnant: From the Ashes including the fight against Brudvaak and Vargr.

Remnant From the Ashes Brudvaak the Rider and Vargr the Warg

First of all, both of them are very ugly, I just had to put it out there in case you didn’t notice.

Both of them have strong attacks and if you get hit with frostbite, it can develop quickly and cost you a lot of health.

For safety against Frostbite keep Spiceroot in your quick menu.

Also, you need to use Fire Mod as it can cause a lot of damage to both of them and keep submachine guns ready to deploy.

Below we will discuss all the strategies that can help you win against this pair of enemies. Read each strategy so that all three of them make sense.

Focussing on Brudvaak

You would be fighting two bosses at once, so it is clever to focus on one at a time and kill that one while defending yourself from the other. In the first strategy, we will discuss taking out Brudvaak first.

For all three of the strategies, this is a must so I won’t be mentioning it again, deploy those submachine guns; two at a time.

Doing so will cause a lot of damage to both of them very quickly and make it easier for you to attack them.

Taking out Brudvaak first is easier as he does not hide under the ground and if you keep aiming for his head while the submachine guns hit him, it will take him out in 2 minutes.

While you shower his head with ranged attacks, be careful of his attacks as well.

Keep as much distance as you can and dodge his attacks as much as you can. His attacks are not hard to dodge especially if you are far away.

When the health bar of either Brudvaak or Vargr drops a quarter of the total, Vargr will go into the ground like mole and attack you from underneath.

You will be able to see a trail on the ground and avoid that attack with little effort. After this attack, Brudvaak will mount Vargr once again.

Keep attacking Brudvaak and once he is dead Vargr will be enraged and get frostbite damage and her speed will be increased. If you cannot hit her head, try aiming for her tail.

You will get a “Cold Cell” if you kill Brudvaak first to craft the Alternator.

Taking out Vargr First

In this strategy, we will take out Vargr first and then Brudvaak. Read through strategy 1 to understand the mechanics of the fight.

Again use submachine guns to help you out and keep aiming for their heads, in this case, more at Vargr’s than at Brudvaak at first.

Once you kill Vargr, Brudvaak will be enraged and will get frostbite damage, his speed would be faster and his attacks will cause more damage.

Use the same attacks on him and you will take him out easily.

You will get a “Steel of Agony” if you kill Vargr first to craft Chain Blade.

Weakning Brudvaak and Vargr at the Same Time

In this case, it is not so much about killing whom first.

Instead, we will focus on keeping both their health bars as close as we can because killing one enrages the other.

So it is best if when one dies, the other one does not have a lot of health so it is easier for you to take them out.

There are three phases in the fight. The first phase is before either of the bosses get to 75% of their health i.e. before Vargr goes into the ground.

The second phase starts when Vargr goes into the ground and ends when either one of them is killed and after that phase 3 starts.

Attacks Phase 1
In phase 1 we will have to deal with Leap Attack, Charge and Sledge attack. Leap and charge are self-explanatory and your defence against them is to just dodge either left or right.

For Sledge attack, run around the arena and you will be saved from the raining projectiles.

Attacks Phase 2 and 3
The second phase comes bearing presents that include the Sledge attack again but the new ones are, leap weapon attack and Leap smash.

For the leap weapon attack, just keep your distance, this attack has a short-range. For the leap smash, run away as fast you can and roll so that you don’t get any damage.

After those, we have combined attack and ranged attack. In combined attack, Brudvaak does sledge attack and Vargr spits frostbite, to save yourself; run as far away as possible.

Ranged attacks can be dodged if you keep your distance.

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