Playstation 5 Launch Challenges Are Massive In World Of Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage around the world, and while many countries have managed to bring its infections under control, the Playstation 5 launch challenges are still going to be massive if Playstation hopes to launch the console in several of its biggest regions such as North America and others.

The coronavirus pandemic has made things very difficult for the entertainment industry, ranging from music to movie filming and even video games. Playstation already had to further delay one of this year’s biggest releases, The Last Of Us 2, to get more time to properly prepare the game for distribution.

The Playstation 5 itself is facing a similar issue. While Sony is confident the Playstation 5 will succeed, the company hasn’t been able to promote like usual. With many gaming conferences moved online, Playstation can’t have booths up for people to try out their console, be able to touch it and see how it feels.

A newly-released advertising spot about how it feels to play the Playstation 5 does something to address the Playstation 5 launch challenges, but without actually being able to physically touch the console the spot doesn’t mean that much for many people.

Playstation is focusing on how it feels to play games this time around in their advertising after thy noticed diminishing returns in how games are received graphically. Since the Xbox Series X is also more powerful than the Playstation 5, game choice and haptic feedback may be the best way for the console to come out on top this generation.

The Playstation 5 launch challenges are likely even worse due to how the company will be going about its release schedule, with a global marketing campaign and release schedule rather than a different one for each individual territory. Since many of these countries still suffer from Covid and large gatherings are a breeding ground for it, the launch may cause flare-ups.

Hopefully Sony can figure out a solution to these problems before the console releases later this holiday season.