Mortal Shell Stats and Ailments Guide

In this Mortal Shell Stats and Ailments guide, we have explained all the different stats and status effects that can affect your character or your enemies in the game.

Mortal Shell Stats and Ailments

In Mortal Shell, the protagonist has different stats that can be leveled up by using different items and equipment. They can also be increased by using shells and accessories.

Character Attributes

The following are the different attributes of Mortal Shell’s protagonist.

The health attribute is displayed at the bottom-left part of the screen as a red bar. The amount of health your character will have is dependent on the number of Shells you are using.

If you are using a shell and your health bar depletes completely, the Foundling will be expelled from the shell. While as in the Foundling form, you will have 1 health only.

When the foundling is expelled from the shell, you can either fight as the Foundling or come back to the shell.

If you fight and your shell drops again to 0, you will die and return to the latest checkpoint to start over again.

In Mortal Shell, you can recover your health by using different Consumable items or some healing abilities.

In Mortal Shell, the stamina attribute is displayed at the bottom-left part of the screen as a green bar.

The amount of stamina your character has also is dependent on the number of Shells you are using. In fights, you will stamina to dodge and attack your enemies.

If you run out of stamina during a fight, your movement will slow down drastically and you will not be able to dodge or attack your enemy.

To recover stamina, take some gaps between dodging and attacking so that it doesn’t deplete completely.

In Mortal Shell, the resolve attribute is displayed at the bottom-left part of the screen as a small bar, directly over the health bar.

The amount of Resolve also depends on the Shell you are currently using. Resolve is used to perform Weapon Abilities or to tarnish Sealed Abilities.

One use of an ability drains 2 bars of resolve, which can be gained back by dealing damage to your enemies.

Defensive Stats

In Mortal Shell, the following Defensive stats are present.

In Mortal Shell, Hardening is a key mechanic that allows you to harden and not take damage from any incoming attack.

If an enemy hits you while you are hardened, he will be staggered for a small time period in which you can attack them freely.

This ability can be used at any time and when you use it, you will remain static until it ends.

When it ends, you can attack your opponent if you staggered them. Hardening ability has a small cool down after every use.

The Hardening Ability can be used by all Shells and even with the Foundling form.

Tarnished Seal allows you to Parry enemy attacks. To parry an incoming strike, you have to time your parry just before the attack hits you.

If your Parry is successful, it will stagger your enemy for a short interval. Keep in mind that not all attacks can be parried.

Tarnished Seal
To perform tarnished seal abilities, you will need resolve. If you have enough resolve you can perform the tarnished seal abilities.

For example, the Seal Infusion – Healing allows you to heal yourself, deal additional damage, and throw your enemy into the ground.

Status Ailments

In Mortal Shell, there are different status effects. We have detailed them below.

Increased Attack Damage: Increases base attack damage for each charge. by using the Eredrim Shell and unlocking the Accretion of Resolve.

Damage Reduction: Reduces damage taken by 5% for 10 seconds. Can be acquired by using the Eredrim Shell and unlocking the Accretion of Foresight.

Increased Glimpses: Enemies have an increased chance of dropping a Glimpse. Can be acquired by using the Harros Shell and unlocking the Accretion of Dominance.

Increased Tar: Greatly increase the amount of Tar acquired while active. Can be acquired by using the Ornate Mask with enough familiarity.

Poison Absorption: Instead of being hard, you heal for the amount of poison damage taken. Can be acquired by using Tiel’s Shell and unlocking Accretion of Yearning.

Poison Immunity: You cannot get poisoned while Immune. It will also remove any poison effect. Can be acquired by consuming Tarspore at familiarity level 2.

Burning: Indicates you are currently on fire. You will take damage over time.

Frozen: Indicates you are currently frozen. You won’t be able to move and your vision will be blurred.

Poisoned: Indicates you are poisoned. You will take damage over time. If you have enough familiarity you can consume a Tarspore to remove it.

Stamina Consumption: While active, you won’t spend stamina on your next dodge. Can be unlocked by consuming a Welt cap.

Food: Acquired by consuming Rotten Food.

Mango: Acquired by consuming a Mango. Effect unknown.