Destiny 2 Hotfix Released To Assist In Solstice Of Heroes

Bungie has released Destiny 2 Hotfix in order to prepare the way for this year’s Solstice of Heroes event. While the hotfix isn’t that big, it’s still got a few important things in the patchnotes that will help you to have more fun and make better progress when the event happens.

The Solstice of Heroes is an event where players can undertake various repeatable bounties, going into a special area in the European Dead Zone to fight Fallen, Cabal, or Hive in return for special rewards and materials

In terms of the Solstice of Heroes update, the hotfix makes it so that you will be guaranteed to get Bright Dust for weekly and repeatable bounties, after reports that players weren’t being rewarded with it. The Solstice of Heroes weekly challenge will also now offer a reward.

Considering how long it took for players to get what they wanted out of the solstice last year, this should go a long way towards making the grind less taxing for everyone. Destiny 2 Hotfix also fixes a bug where one particular challenge, “Means To An End”, could be randomly removed from inventory outside of the weekly reset.

However, even with the bug taken care of, if this has happened to you, you’ll still have to pick that Challenge up again when the weekly reset comes around. Since the Solstice lasts multiple weeks, you’ll probably have more than enough time to complete it even with your progress reset.

Hopefully the Destiny 2 Hotfix and the adjustments that it brings to players will make it easier for them to get whatever Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes gear that they want during the event. If you want to see the actual patchnotes for yourself, you can follow this link to see them, and otherwise you can get on Destiny 2 to look for some loot of your own, since Solstice of Heroes is in full swing now.