PlayStation 5 Price Will Be The Most Delayed Price Reveal In PlayStation Console History

Ever since COVID-19 forced the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) to cancel this year for public safety, almost everyone has been anxious to know when Sony Interactive Entertainment will be revealing the price tag of PlayStation 5.

The annual trade fair has been used by Sony to do price reveals for every single one of the past PlayStation consoles. Hence, while it was never made official, everyone expected PlayStation 5 to be priced at E3 2020 a few months ago.

With the holiday season just around the corner and there still being no price tags in sight, people have naturally been wondering if Sony has delayed the price reveal of PlayStation 5 a bit too much. The truth is that it has.

PlayStation 5 has now become the most delayed PlayStation console in history when it comes to being priced. The facts become clear after comparing when each of the past PlayStation consoles were priced and when they were launched in North America. Assuming that Sony will be doing a price reveal for PlayStation 5 in September, the next-generation console will have been priced roughly three months before its slated holiday launch in November.

Looking back, the original PlayStation console was priced four months before launch. Both PlayStation 2 and 3 were priced around six months before their respective launches. The current PlayStation 4 was priced five months before launch. PlayStation 5 being priced just three months before launch, hence, makes its price reveal to be the most delayed in PlayStation history.

The same case can be taken for Xbox Series X as well. Microsoft has also not revealed the price tag. Unlike PlayStation 5 though, Xbox Series X will not become the most delayed Xbox console in history when it comes to being priced.

The original Xbox was priced six months before launch. The current Xbox One was priced five months before launch. However, Xbox 360 breaks the pattern, having been priced three months before launch. Microsoft has already officially confirmed Xbox Series X for a launch in November. Hence, at the very least, Xbox Series X will join Xbox 360 as the two Xbox consoles that received their price tags fairly late into the intended launch window.

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