Demon’s Souls Rated, Could Be PS5 Launch Title

There were already strong speculations that the highly anticipated Demon’s Souls remake would be part of the official PlayStation 5 launch lineup. That growing speculation has now been given more weight.

Earlier today, Demon’s Souls was discovered (via Gematsu) to have been rated last week for both South Korea and Japan. There are two points of interest to consider here. Firstly, Sony Interactive Entertainment has a tendency to rate its first-party games closer to release. Secondly, Spider-Man: Miles Morales remains the only first-party game to have been rated for South Korea and which has been confirmed for a release this holiday season. Hence, the fairly safe presumption that Demon’s Souls will soon be announced as a launch title for PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 has been slated for a launch worldwide somewhere in November. Sony is expected to reveal the price tag, as well as the launch lineup and release date. With just a few more months to go, the said announcements should be around the corner.

Demon’s Souls was rumored to be getting a remake for a long time. Following its announcement during the PlayStation 5 reveal event, developer Bluepoint Games confirmed that Demon’s Souls will make full use of ray tracing technology for “beautiful shadow effects” and enhanced visuals. Those reasons are enough to defend why the next-generation remake will be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

Demon’s Souls will release with two different graphical modes for players to choose from. The first will focus purely on visual fidelity while the second on higher frame-rates. Bluepoint Games has not given any more details but it has been theorized that the pro-visual mode will possibly run Demon’s Souls at 30 frames per second while the pro-performance mode will net 60 frames per second. It will be left on the players and what they want to prioritize.

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