“Plenty Of Creative” Rounds Coming To Fall Guys, New Features As Well

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout remains unarguably the biggest surprise of the year. By giving the highly competitive battle royale format a family-friendly touch, developer Mediatonic has created a party game that players can play for hours with a smile on their faces. Fall Guys has actually been designed for pure fun and on that note, Mediatonic has even more in store for future content.

Speaking with WayTooMany in a recent interview, senior designer Anthony “Peps” Pepper confirmed that there are new rounds in the works for Fall Guys. He noted that “rounds are the lifeblood of the game” and as such, Mediatonic has “plenty of creative ideas” to create more. Pepper also confirmed that thanks to player-feedback, “a bunch of features” are also being developed which, on the basis of his tone, could be releasing fairly soon.

On the subject of adding crossplay, Pepper stated that Mediatonic “would love to do at some point down the line” but currently, there is nothing to announce. The only thing players should know is that crossplay is being looked into.

We will absolutely be supporting the game with new rounds and ways to keep things feeling fresh. The rounds are the lifeblood of the game, and we have plenty of creative ideas for more of them, even more so after the amazing feedback we’ve received from our players. We are also looking at a bunch of features that we hope the community will really welcome. As for crossplay, that’s something we would love to do at some point down the line, and while we have nothing to announce, we are looking into it!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Mediatonic has suggested that a release for other platforms like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch could take place down the line. Even without additional platforms though, Fall Guys has been enjoying stellar success. The game has already sold over 2 million copies on Steam, and has registered over 8 million players on PlayStation 4—the game was free on PlayStation Network though.

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