Mortal Shell The Unchained Boss Guide

In Mortal Shell, The Unchained is the final boss you will face. To challenge him to a fight, you will have to first three temple bosses, and have the Sacred Glands returned to the Old Prisoner.

In this guide, we have explained how to defeat the Unchained Boss in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell The Unchained Boss

To challenge the Unchained Boss, you will have to defeat the three Temple bosses. We have listed the temple bosses below.

  • Crucix, the Twiceborn in Seat of Infinity.
  • Tarsus, the First Martyr in Crypt of Martyrs.
  • Imrod, the Unrepentant in Shrine of Ash.

You will also have to return the Sacred Glands returned to the Old Prisoner. The best method to fight the Unchained is to use either Harros or Solomon.

Using the Hallowed Sword or Hammer and Chisel will be extremely effective against him. Also, use as many weapon abilities on him as you can they are highly effective on him.

A shell with four resolves will be a great option. The Hallowed Sword and Hammer and Chisel have the best weapon abilities for this fight.

How to defeat The Unchained Boss
At the start of the fight, the Unchained Boss will start off with long dash attacks followed by arm sweeps.

To counter it, dash into him as he approaches and then starts attacking him with combos to stagger him.

He will try to push you away by a tail sweep attack which you can block by using harden.

After successfully staggering him, he will fall to the ground. Go from either side to deal damage to him.

Keep repeating this process until The Unchained’s health drops to two-third of the total. When that happens, he will start to summon waves of water when he jumps.

If you fail to dodge the waves, you will take damage and it will knock you down, leaving you vulnerable.

The Unchained will use arm sweep attacks with these waves to try to hurt you more. Use your weapons to block the arm sweep easily.

After he leaps back the second time, dash through the first wave and run forward to get yourself in a position of the 2nd wave.

Use your weapon to dodge the wave and then trigger knockdown to drain a big chunk of his energy.

When the Unchained reaches half health, he will start summoning shadow warriors. They will run towards you but can be killed easily in one hit.

Don’t get overwhelmed by them and keep focusing on the Unchained. Run around to escape the swarms of shadow warriors and use different abilities of your weapon to damage the Unchained.

When the Unchained loses more than half of his health, he will jump into the water and summon a giant whirlpool monster.

To deal damage to it, walk near the edge of the Whirlpool and stop the shadow warriors to stop getting eaten by the Whirlpool, as it will heal it.

Don’t get pulled in the Whirlpool yourself or you will die instantly.

Stop enough shadow warriors to get the Unchained out of the Whirlpool and back to the duel area.

He will repeat his old attacks so keep following the old methods to drain his health and defeat the Unchained.

Defeating him will award you with the Glimpse of Fallacy and access to New Game+ mode.