Mortal Shell Tarsus the First Martyr Boss Guide

Our Mortal Shell Tarsus The First Martyr Boss guide will cover all the details about Tarsus, his moves and strategies you need to follow in order to defeat him.

Tarsus the First Martyr is the final boss that you will encounter in the Crypt of Martyrs in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Tarsus the First Martyr

There are basically two phases of the fight since Tarsus has two health bars. Obviously, in the second phase, Tarsus gets more powerful and changes attack style.

Here is a detailed description of both phases and tips on how to defeat Tarsus the First Martyr.

Phase 1
Tarsus will begin the fight by turning invisible. You will hardly be able to see him and will only see flashes around the arena where he appears for a moment, attacks, and vanishes again.

This invisible flash attack takes place three times in a row. You must stay vigilant and active during this period and remember to dodge as soon as you hear his whispers.

Tarsus will also throw his blade at you which then sticks into the ground after which he will dash towards it and pick it up with a devastating swing.

Try and dodge both these attacks and get some hits in when Tarsus misses them.

Another good chance of attacking him is when he channels his blizzard spell as he is prone to attacks during that time and you can successfully deal a combo of attacks to stun him.

You can tell he’s preparing this when he sticks his blade into the ground and the area beneath him slowly turns white.

Phase 2
Once you have successfully depleted his first health bar, Phase 2 of the fight will begin where he comes with yet another full health bar and different abilities.

During this phase, Tarsus will mostly skate around you and attack quite aggressively. Whenever he does his lunges, immediately attack him to catch him vulnerable.

He will use another powerful ability during this phase which is an eruption of multiple jagged icicles from the ground.

There is no way to dissolve this attack and hence you must immediately get away from him and stay ready to dodge off the emerging icicles.

All of his other attacks are pretty much the same and you should keep looking for chances of counter-attack.

The fight is all about patience, courage, and persistence. Hold out and eventually, you will defeat Tarsus.