Mortal Shell Crypt of Martyrs Walkthrough

Crypt of Martyrs is one of three areas you will visit in Mortal Shell. Our Mortal Shell Crypt of Martyrs Walkthrough guide will give a detailed walkthrough of all the events that happen as you brave the Crypt of Martyrs.

This area is more unique than all the others since you will encounter two boss fights here.

Mortal Shell Crypt of Martyrs

Crypt of Martyr is divided into three sections namely Abandoned Chamber, Enshrined Sanctum and Martyr’s Altar respectively.

Abandoned Chamber
The first section of the Crypt of Martyrs is the Abandoned Chamber. The area is pretty linear and you can get through it quite easily.

So, the first thing you need to do while in the Abandoned Chamber is to rest at the Sester Genessa. Get to the room past to it then where you will find a workbench and a weapon statue.

There is a book beside the weapon statue. Interact with it to start a fight with Hadern.

Defeating Hadern will reward you with Martyr’s Blade Sword which is a long two-handed blade with unlockable frost abilities.

Explore the rest of the Abandoned Chamber then to discover various items.

Once you want to move on, head down either straight ahead or through the path to the left originating from the central square room.

Enshrined Sanctum
This icy area is the location where you will encounter the first boss fight of Crypt of Martyr which is against Enslaved Grisha.

The first thing you need to know here is that defeating Enslaved Grisha locks all the ways out of the area.

This means that you won’t be able to buy or upgrade items from Vlas and hence you must step in fully loaded and prepared.

Fight and defeat the Enslaved Grisha and then go ahead into the next room to find a Sester Genesse.

There is also a chest next to her with some loot. Go ahead further into the larger area of Enshrined Sanctum then.

This area is like a large cave systems having buildings in it. The area is pretty linear so head straight down and you will end up in front of a room at the bottom having a Sester Genessa.

The room next to it is yet another Boss Fight room and this time the fight is against the Tarsus The First Martyr boss.

Tarsus has two health bars and is pretty hard and fast. You must do some fingers warm up before you start the fights as you will have to act as fast as him.

When you have finally defeater Tarsus, loot his body in order to teleport out of the Enshrined Sanctum.

However, it becomes a little tactic on your way back as the map changes a little.

You will have to make a run back towards the Fallgrim tower.

While on this way back, you may have to crawl through some tunnels and through some rooms which you might not have explored while coming down.

You will then come across the Sester Genessa again and after saving at the checkpoint, head through the Grisha Boss room.

Climb up the grate ramp then allowing you to go through the Abandoned Chamber.

Finally, run back to the beginning and exit to the Fallgrim Outskirts.

The path from here is also pretty straightforward. Go through the tunnel in the wall and pass through the next room towards another tunnel.

Crawl through this next tunnel and then follow the creek up. You will see the tower finally at some distance then.