How to Open Frog Statue Chests in Mortal Shell

In this Mortal Shell Frog Statue Chest guide, we will tell you how you can unlock these frog-shaped chests, and help you collect the useful loot that’s locked inside them.

Mortal Shell Frog Statue Chests

In Mortal Shell, you will find some special statues chests while exploring the great open world.

These frog statue chests contain many useful items and you will certainly want to have them in your inventory when things get sticky.

But to be able to unlock these frog statue chests, you will have to perform some specific tasks.

How to Open The Frog Statue Chests
When you first encounter the Frog Chests, you will get a “chest is locked” prompt when you try to open them. To successfully be able to open them, follow these steps.

In the Fallgrim region, explore and find three different temples. At these temples, you will find self-contained levels where you will face tough boss fights against a Revered.

When each boss is dead, you will receive a Sacred Gland. You must return it to the Old Prisoner in Fallgrim Tower to progress the game’s story.

While you have the Thestus Gland, you will be able to open the frog chests and they statue chests will also glow orange in the open world.

Carrying the gland will also alter the state of Mortal Shell’s world. A fog will engulf the whole world.

Thestus gland allows you to control when fog occurs in exchange for glimpses.

To open the statue chests, you see around Fallgrim and Fallgrim Outskirts you need the fog to be active.

Once fog is active the chests will grow orange-red, meaning they can be opened for their contents.

Back in Fallgrim, an NPC will appear by the name of Thestus. You can bring or dismiss the fog by paying Thestus glimpses. The chests can now be opened.

You can find chests at several different locations in and around the Fallgrim region.

The chests contain useful items like large stashes of Tar or Glimpses or even Quenching Acid that you can use to upgrade any weapon.