How to Fast Travel in Mortal Shell

In Mortal Shell, you have the ability to fast travel from one point to the other. This cuts down the time needed to travel from Fallgrim to other areas. In this guide, we have explained how to fast travel in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Fast Travel

In Mortal Shell, Fallgrim is the central hub of the game which branches out to the other areas of the game. Each path ends in a dead-end resulting in the need to backtrack back to the hub.

This may eventually become hectic. So, using fast travel will not be a bad option. To unlock fast travel, follow the steps below.

Level up a Shell Fully
To be able to unlock fast travel, you will have to Fully Level-Up a Shell by buying Items at Sester Genessa.

This will take some time, as you will have to get every move from the Sister by spending Tar and Glimpses to level the Shell through Sester Genessa.

After completely leveling up the Shell, you will be able to buy Items from her shop. Purchase the Ornate Mask from the Sister, which will cost you 30 Glimpses.

Once you have purchased the mask, you can fast travel to any of the Sester Genessas you have sipped at by using the mask.

If you use the mask a total of 4 times, it also unlocks the max familiarity which grants you additional Tars for a minute after you use the mask.

You can fast travel to the following locations by using the mask:

Fallgrim/Fallgrim Outskirts

  • Fallgrim Tower.

Shrine of Ash

  • Temple Grounds.
  • Monument of Ash.
  • Sanctum of Flame.

Seat of Infinity

  • Eternal Narthex.
  • Dim Gate.
  • Shivering Archives.

Crypt of Martyrs

  • Abandoned Chamber.
  • Enshrined Sanctum.
  • Martyr’s Altar.

Another way to use fast travel is by interacting with Sester Genessa and then selecting fast travel from her abilities.

One thing to note is that you cannot use the fast travel ability while holding a gland.