Mortal Shell All Shell Types Locations

Mortal Shell’s primary mechanic revolves around different Shells you can inhabit.  In this Mortal Shell Best Shells locations guide, we’ll be walking you through each of the four Shells’ abilities, so that you can choose the Shell that best suits your playstyle.

Each shell offers a variety of abilities and a completely unique playstyle so unlocking all Shells can be useful if you like to change up your gameplay.

Mortal Shell Shells Locations

The Shell is an important mechanic of Mortal Shell that helps you change your playstyle on the go.

Without it, you’re at a disadvantage, deprived of all the abilities that you would otherwise have. They key-word being ‘deprived’ if you know what I mean.

Harros, the Vassal

“The brigands pointed us toward the temple. Shunned by the Devout, their allegiances lie with those who offer Tar or spirits. They entertain themselves with drunken antics or violent cruelties. They know better than to attack us, but they followed us at a distance, hoping for scraps.”

Harros is considered to be the game’s most balanced Shell. It’s a flexible Shell that can deal with most situations without compromising too much on any of its stats.

With equally distributed stats, Harros aims to keep the pressure onto his enemies by utilizing Hardening to recover stamina when needed.


Durability 5/10
Stamina 5/10
Resolve 5/10

You can find Harros right outside the Fallgrim cave at the start of the game. Head left where the paths diverge, and you’ll find the shell at the very end.

Solomon, the Scholar

“Existence is a curious matter. The greatest triumph in the universe, gifted and squandered. I shan’t make the same mistakes as my brother. When the moment comes, I’ll exercise restraint.”

What Solomon lacks in Stamina but makes up for it with high Resolve and high Durability.

The idea is to use normal attacks and hardening to deal with regular enemies. Use your resolve to deal with harder enemies and bosses.

You have to account for the reduced stamina by using precise strikes. There’s no room for error while attacking.


Durability 7/10
Stamina 5/10
Resolve 10/10

Solomon can be found in a cave behind the Fallgrim Tower. The cave can be found by entering the cave with the Grisha boss.

There’s a ramp in the cave that leads to a tunnel at the bottom. Remove the wood and inside you’ll find Solomon’s shell.

Tiel, the Acolyte Shell

“They foretold a truth more terrifying than any other. Those who glimpse it behold no monster other than an utter lack of meaning. The visage of a razor thin line between existence and nonexistence and nothing in between.”

Tiel’s more nimble and agile compared to the other Shells. Using his abilities, you can move in and out of battles with minimal risk.

He has low durability and resolve, but makes up for it with his swiftness.


Durability 3/10
Stamina 10/10
Resolve 2/10

The shell can be found in the cave with Ven Noctivagu on the outskirts of Fallgrim, just outside the Abandoned Chamber. The tunnel is blocked by some branches on the right of the campsite.

Crawl through the tunnel behind the branches to find the Shell guarded by Ven Noctivagu.

Eredrim, the Venerable Shell

“The Ovate made promises of an end to war and human suffering. Promises all were desperate to hear. Myself not least, for I’d seen my share of tragedy. I scratched my name in their book, swearing myself to the deathless doctrine. My armor clattered on the ice as I knelt before them and asked myself if I would ever be worthy.”

Eredrim’s essentially a tank that can take a significant amount of damage. However, it has very low resolve and low stamina.

You’ll benefit from continuously taking down enemies without being separated from the shell.


Durability 10/10
Stamina 3/10
Resolve 3/10

The final Shell Eredrim, The Venerable can be found outside of the Seat of Infinity (Eternal Narthex) in the Fallgrim Outskirts