Retailer Listing Leaks New Xbox One S V2?

The world of the internet is an amazing place and information is passed along as fast as a bolt of lightning. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that an image from a video game retailer raised suspicion since it “confirms” the existence of a new Xbox build, the Xbox One S V2. Today, we go over the possibilities of what this means.

The listing for Xbox One S V2 alone doesn’t say much. It’s Microsoft’s intention to keep on producing the current-gen console after the release of Series X. This practically means that the company might “flirt with the idea” of revamping the One S. As far as we can all expect, there’s no real reason for Microsoft to do so. So there could be some minor hardware changes or a new edition releasing with an upgraded deal with Xbox Game Pass.

We know for a fact that Microsoft has seized producing current-gen consoles other than One S in order to make way for the Xbox Series X. However, it does seem possible for them to keep a version of S as a hub for Xbox Game Pass. The service has proven extremely profitable for the company so the price range gap is minimal with that option.

A plausible scenario is that the Xbox One S V2 is the existing console, paired with the new Series X controller. Since production is now focusing on the next generation, it would be easier for Microsoft to substitute the old gamepad with the new one and give the console a small upgrade. The fact that the price presented by the leaked retailer screenshot bears a price tag of $299, there are no additional costs to the upgrade, if this is what happens.

The last option we have for Xbox One S V2 is that it is, in reality, project Lockhart. We know that Microsoft might be willing to shorten the gap between the current and next generation. We doubt that the company would choose such a generic name for a placeholder. However, everything is possible in the wake of the next-gen consoles.

It remains to be seen what Xbox One S V2 is and whether or not it’s even worth mentioning at this point. It won’t be long before Microsoft announces the release date for Xbox Series X and what variants of it will hit the market. Until then, we can only speculate and hope that their price range will fit all types of gamers.

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