New Fable Release Date Is Still Far Away According to New Job Listings

Microsoft and Playground Games might have sparked our excitement about Fable with their announcement this summer. However, this doesn’t mean that the game will be up for purchase when Xbox Series X releases. New Playground job listings hint that the game is not far in its development. Does this mean that the release date for Fable might not be in the next year?

The job listings were posted on Twitter by Herve Gengler, senior game designer at Playground Games. The studio is looking for talented people to join their team for the development of Fable. The listings include positions for an engine engineer, an animation engineer, a senior gameplay engineer, and more to join their ranks. The number of roles open right now for the project as well as the seniority of them, point to Fable being far from its release date.

We knew already that the announcement of Fable coming to Xbox Series X doesn’t mean it will be a console debut title. Playground Games is working on Forza as well, which is a stable and prestigious franchise to open the Series X with. We don’t know if Playground and Microsoft will choose to go that way but it does seem like a plausible scenario.

At least we know that Microsoft isn’t opening up possibilities for Fable right now. A few days ago, 343 Industries has announced that Halo Infinite will face a delay due to the COVID outbreak. It’s better to take the development slow earlier than have to delay Fable too. Microsoft is already facing fans’ disappointment after the announcement.

For all we know, the Fable release date might be mid to late next year. Given the seriousness of the listings, it seems almost impossible for the game to be near completion without enough manpower. One thing is for sure, Fable will release on Xbox Series X and PC. In addition, much like many other first-party releases, this game too will be available on Xbox Game Pass on release.

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