New Spider-Man: Miles Morales Screenshots Show Game’s Graphical Quality

One of the bigger announcements at Sony’s Playstation 5 reveal event was that there would be a standalone expansion for Insomniac Games’s Spider-Man title that came out in 2018. Now, we’ve finally seen some Spider-Man: Miles Morales screenshots be posted to Twitter. As you might expect from the PS4, the game looks awesome.

While it’s likely the screenshots have been touched up in order to look their best, they both still look quite stunning, even though they’re the same picture, just with one zoomed in. The picture itself shows Miles kneeling in the middle of a city street. However, that’s not the biggest part.

The biggest part is that the hand that Miles is touching the ground with is actually reflected in the puddles on the street, which might be Insomniac poking fun at themselves. Before their Spider-Man game came out, there was a big to-do over the disappearance of some puddles in the game.

However, with the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales screenshots, it seems that Insomniac is saying that now they can do puddles in the game, rather than only having them in the demo. And that’s likely a good indicator of the differences the Playstation 5 can make.

Previously, Digital Foundry had done a graphics comparison of Miles Morales compared to the base Spider-Man game, noting that while it didn’t look any more impressive than the original game did, the extra processing power was used on other things like traffic, reflections, ray tracing, and more.

Of course, Insomniac might have upped their game for the Spider-Man: Miles Morales screenshots, especially since this screenshot is a more up-close game view than what we normally get. The game will be one of the first to come out on the Playstation 5, but at the same time that can limit it.

Insomniac has previously said that having the game be a launch title means that it’s not at its full potential, as developers are still learning the ropes and the game won’t look as good as they can make it. However, if the screenshots turn out to be true, players hopefully won’t mind that. Plus, learning about the PS5 through Miles Morales just means the sequel will look that much better.