Marvel’s Avengers & Spider-Man Exist In Different Marvel Universes

Spider-Man will be making his way into Marvel’s Avengers in the coming months. However, the web-crawler will not be the same one who was helped by Insomniac Games to make his critically acclaimed debut on PlayStation 4.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview, Bill Rosemann, creative head of Marvel Games, stated that both Marvel’s Avengers and Spider-Man—the game—take place in their own realities. He pointed out a plan to keep all Marvel-licensed games restricted to their own Marvel universes. Hence, the arrival of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers will not signal a crossover of narratives.

Each game is in the Marvel universe, but they’re in their own reality, if you will. Currently, our plan is to keep each game set in its own Marvel universe.

The goal of Marvel Games appears to be in complete contrast to the Marvel Cinematic Universe which built a bridge between a long list of movies and television shows over the course of a decade. There was a strong assumption that the Spider-Man of Marvel’s Avengers is the same one who was featured in the PlayStation 4 Spider-Man game. Rosemann has cleared that up to not be the case. Both narratives are intended to be different unless stated otherwise.

The announcement of Spider-Man as a PlayStation-exclusive character for Marvel’s Avengers continues to create a lot of noise. Spider-Man was only one part of a series of exclusivity deals. Crystal Dynamics will also be releasing more PlayStation-exclusive content down the road, which will be in addition to an early access grant for all content to PlayStation.

Marvel’s Avengers will be releasing for both current- and next-generation consoles. Crystal Dynamics, for the time being, has only confirmed the current-generation release to be taking place for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4, 2020. The developer will be discussing the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions after the next-generation consoles have launched worldwide.

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