A Total War Saga Troy Downloads Pass 1 Million Mark In First Hour

Despite the controversy of Creative Assembly making their newly-released game A Total War Saga: Troy on the Epic Games Store, that doesn’t seem to have stopped their fans from rushing the website as soon as it was up. A Total War Saga Troy downloads have passed the million download mark in the first hour.

The game is one of Creative Assembly’s side-series compared to their normal Total War games. The “Sagas” subset of Total War games is a series where Creative Assembly can afford to be small, localizing the gameplay to a single period in history.

The previous Saga game, Thrones of Britannia, took place during the Viking invasions of England, when the British Isles were divided into multiple squabbling kingdoms. Troy, as you could guess, takes place during Creative Assembly’s interpretation of the Trojan War.

The game isn’t fantasy like the Total War Warhammer trilogy, so no mythological monsters being used as units or magic spells being cast, but with all of the Total War Saga Troy downloads, that doesn’t seem to be that much of an issue for many.

It also somewhat disproves what might have been Creative Assembly’s reasoning for putting the game on the Epic Games Store in the first place. Many developers allow their games to be put on the store in exchange for a payout from Epic, which helps to offset poor sales.

It’s likely that part of the reason for why the game has so many downloads is because it’s free, and even if no one plays them no one ever says no to free games. Exactly how these Total War Saga Troy downloads will go when the game reaches Steam next year is also something to think about.

While Thrones of Britannia wasn’t necessarily a failure when it got released on Steam, it got more mixed reviews than other Total War titles, so it’s likely Creative Assembly was hedging their bets. EIther way, you can download A Total War Saga: Troy on PC for free exclusively from the Epic Games Store, but you might want to hurry, because it’s only free for today.