How to Get a Crown Victory in Hyper Scape

You’ll find a number of new mechanics in Ubisoft’s Battle Royale, one in question being the Crown. We’ll be discussing Hyper Scape Crown Victory in detail, and how you can use this alternative method to win the game without having to kill anyone.

Hyper Scape Crown Victory

The standard way for you to win a Hyper Scape game would be to simply eliminate all of the other remaining players and come out on the top.

However, Hyper Scape introduces a second alternative; the Crown!

Playing through the map of Hyper Scape, various sectors will start to corrupt until only one sector is left. Once all but one sector is corrupted, a Crown will show up in the final sector.

The idea is to grab hold of the Crown and try not to die. If you manage to keep the Crown for a total of 45 seconds, you’ll win the game. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Once you’re in possession of the Crown, you’ll be highlighted like the brightest firefly for everyone within the vicinity.

The best thing you can do is make use of the environment around you, and run like hell. If at any point your momentum breaks, the enemies chasing you will light you up.

The Crown acts as an interesting catalyst, and a fun dynamic to keep teams on their toes. No camping, no scouting, just 45 seconds of pure madness and fun.

Keeping the Crown and yourself Intact
Any ability that gives you a little boost to mobility will drastically help you out. Slam and Teleportation abilities have proven to be the most useful for this intense situation.

Slam will allow you to lift yourself hundreds of meters up into the air, and simply relocate to a different location if things get too tough.

You could even use the Slam hack to get to an unreachable high location if the sector has one.

Unless somebody else happened to keep the Slam ability under their belt, you’ll be fine and can wait out the 45 seconds pretty easily.

Use your Teleportation to cut your enemies around tight corners. The little distance can mean the difference between life and death.

Combine the Teleportation and Slam hacks, and you’ll be able to out-maneuver most of your opponents.