Hyper Scape Best Hacks Guide

Unlike most games, Hyper Scape’s gameplay really relies on its “Hacks”. Below we have compiled a list of all these Hyper Scape Best Hacks and how they work.

Well, these hacks are not actually game-breaking mechanics employed by players to cheat their way to victory but actually special abilities that players can use in-game.

Hyper Scape Best Hacks

The easiest way to make effective use of these hacks is through tests and trials, find the ones you like best or those which suit your gameplay style and stick with them.

This hacks pings enemies in the area in front of you, even through walls, but as people are constantly moving the ping becomes obsolete very quickly and may not be much useful.

You turn into a giant ball and bounce around squishing others to death. Pretty useful! Especially because it gives you armor and also you can use it to escape as you can bounce over buildings.

Turn yourself invisible for a short period of time with this hack. Use it to escape or ambush the enemy.

Turns on an area of effect healing wave, continuously healing you and your teammates in a small area around you. Just make sure you all don’t die from a single explosion.

Armor/ Invulnerable
Become an absolute tank that becomes invulnerable for a few seconds, but you can’t use any of your weapons and abilities while using this hack.

Teleport from place to place covering quite a lot of distance, also you are invulnerable while teleporting. You can use it to initiate, escape or position yourself better.

You rise up and slam back into the ground, causing area of effect damage. There is also the option of little repositioning on where you smash back into the ground.

Fully upgraded you could be using one every 15 seconds so quite useful and good damage.

You set up a protective wall with this hack that can take quite a lot of beating before being destroyed.

You can set up mines that will explode on enemies that activate them. It is pretty visible though so you have to be tactical about it.

This ability sends out a shockwave in an area around you that deals damage.

Magnet (new hack added in season 1)
This ability pulls enemies in its area of effect towards itself. Useful for catching escaping foes or to time make sure they land on a mine of a fellow teammate, etc.

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