Hyper Scape Beginners Guide

Our Hyper Scape Beginners Guide includes a thorough walkthrough of each and every aspect of the game along with some tips and tricks that may come in handy as you undertake daring adventures in this Battle Royale.

Hyper Scape Beginners Guide

If you decide to jump into the challenging world of Hyper Scape blindly, you may find yourself beaten up pretty harshly.

That’s why we have our Hyper Scape Beginner’s Guide Below. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

Verticality, Design, and Districts
With tall, dense, and spacious buildings all around, verticality plays a crucial part if you wish to get an upper hand on other players.

Given the design of the map, always try to get yourself on some kind of elevated spot, which in the case of this franchise is mostly a rooftop.

If you have the advantage of height, you’ll easily be able to knock down a bunch of other players without much effort.

However, comb through the buildings as you proceed to the top and be on the alert, you’ll surely encounter an enemy or two inside.

As the game progresses, districts will continue to shut down one by one, giving you a lesser and lesser area to move around in and hunt down your opponents in.

In such situations, being on a rooftop can drastically improve your chances of victory.

Dropping in
Before you engage in the endless bloodbath of the Hyper Scape, you have to drop into the map with your team to start things off.

Each team can drop into different corners of the map with equal distance from the center so there’s no such tactical advantage to be gained here.

Red Beacons on the map show the spots where your opponents have dropped so adjust your dropping in position accordingly.

Since dropping in on any corner point is, all the same, we recommend that you land on the first corner point you come across and just start looting!

Loot and Fusions
From Ammo and Chests to high-tier weapons, there’s pretty much everything that you can loot just by searching around.

However, the high-tier loot is mostly concentrated in buildings so if you want to get your hands on those much-coveted weapons, instead of wasting time, hit the vertical sections of the map straight away.

Fusion allows you to improve any of the items you find as loot. Through fusion, you can increase the loadout of your weapon or enhance its damage.

Besides weapons, fusion also allows you to fuse hacks and get a greater overall effect out of them.

Below, we have curated a list of some of the most useful weapons to use for the starters.

  • Skybreaker – Due to its high penetrating power, this one-hit-kill plasma cannon carrying a gun can disrupt the ranks of your opponent teams.
  • HexFire – A Gatling Gun, though compromises your mobility, can deal hefty damage, especially when you’re within a building.
  • The Ball – Due to its armored outer surface and the fact that you’re slotted into it, it can be pretty effective for the 45-second cover you require while taking the crown.
  • Comodo – A smaller version of Skybreaker, this weapon is quite useful for close-range combat.

Hacks are abilities that can boost up a certain aspect of your gameplay and as mentioned above, if fused, can have a much greater impact.

Below, we have mentioned a couple of hacks that we think can be useful for the Beginners.

  • Teleport – With this hack, you can teleport to any spot in an instant. It has a short cooldown period.
  • The Wall – If you are damaged or need a cooldown, you can use it to repel your enemy fires. It would take a whole lot of bullets to bring down The Wall.

This is probably the most interesting element of the game. What happens is that when you’re dead, you become an echo.

It means that you’re able to jump, run, ping, scout for your team, look for enemies or loot.

Nobody except your teammates will be able to see you. Being invisible can be quite useful for your team as all you have to do is to locate an enemy and call out to your squad. Your enemy won’t even know that he is being made!

When your team kills an enemy, a yellow triangle will appear at the kill spot. To resurrect yourself, stand over this triangle and bring over your team.

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