Newly Leaked Xbox Series X Controllers Might Have Been Looted From Best Buy

The political and social unrest in the United States the past several months might have also been responsible for pictures of the leaked Xbox Series X controllers. The guessing comes from Brad Sams, the executive director of the BWW Media Group, who gave his thoughts on Twitter only hours ago.

With the sorts of riots that have been breaking out across the United States in response to police brutality and racial inequality, it’s no surprise that looting has resulted. However, the fact that the Xbox Series X controllers were in a position to be looted in the first place also carries questions.

Mainly, the question of why a store would have the console’s controllers when the actual console hasn’t had a release date announced for it. It’s likely that Microsoft had already sent the controllers to Best Buys across the country to later be joined by the actual consoles.

The leaked Xbox Series X controllers were first seen by someone online who noticed that they had been offered up for sale online in Chicago. Chicago has also seen riots in response to police brutality, which led to looting. Apparently, a Best Buy was one of the targets and the Xbox Series X controllers just happened to get caught up in it.

What we do know from the controller is that it’s also been changed in several ways from the Xbox One controller. The Series X controller includes more rounded bumpers, slightly reduced and rounder parts around the triggers, a hybrid D-Pad, the ability to remember multiple devices, a USB-C port, Dynamic Latency Input, a new Share button, and aesthetic changes.

It’s unlikely the leaked Xbox Series X controllers will work without the Xbox Series X itself, not to mention any update software they may have to get first, so if anyone’s selling them onlnie you’d be better off waiting for the official release, whenever that is.