How to Get Crowns in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

This walkthrough will cover all the different ways to earn Crowns in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout so you can purchase those fancy premium skins you have been drooling over.

Fall Guys, like other battle royale games, has a bunch of cosmetics that you can unlock. There are a bunch of different outfits and color schemes that you can purchase with the in-game currency known as Kudos and Crowns.

While the former can get you basic items; the latter can be used to acquire cosmetics of a rare variety.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Crowns

Since Crowns are used for purchasing rare items, you can only get them by winning in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout or reaching specific levels in your battle pass.

Meaning these are difficult to obtain for one player at any given point. This is why we don’t recommend you try too hard to get one.

However, if there is a certain item that you have your sight set on then you can actually earn Crowns by playing through the battle pass and leveling up to earn them at ranks 5, 20, and 32.

Attempt the different mini-games in the game to push your progress along further.

However this will take a lot of time and can prove to be a tedious process.

Especially if you consider that mini-games require team effort so your chances of successfully completing them are contingent on you being partnered up with great players.

Ultimately there’s no real guarantee that you will earn Crowns very quickly but that makes them even more special. If you want some better looking gear then go for it.