How to Find and Repair the Spaceship in Fortnite

Fortnite’s new 13.40 update has opened up a lot of locations that you could not previously access and they contain hidden secrets like the Fortnite Spaceship we are going to talk about.

These new areas include ‘Coral Castle’ and the Craggy Cliffs. There is a broken-down spaceship by the latter that you can repair to help out the astronaut within.

How to Find and Repair the Spaceship in Fortnite

The Spaceship is situated on a small island by the Craggy Cliffs. You will know you where to find it pretty easily once you get there because a pop-up text will inform you that you’ve “Found Ancient Ship”.

One of the ship’s boosters can be found in the water in this area.

Fixing the Spaceship In Fortnite
After getting to the island, you will need to find the 3 missing parts. The first part is the Battery Pack.

Head to the rock near the ship’s wreckage and break it to access the shallow water. You will find the piece submerged and can take it back to the ship.

The Head Shield is the second part that you need to find. You must swim across the water and then head left after you reach the shore. The part is by some rocks.

The last missing component is a Thruster. You can get to it by heading to the steep cliff and building a ramp from there in order to reach the part.

Install all the parts you’ve collected and wait for the countdown to go down so that you can launch the ship. Be careful not to let another player kill you before it’s done.

Head inside the ship and you will find a character there. The ship will fly up and head into the stars.