Next-Gen Need For Speed Footage Leaked

Electronic Arts (EA) has already confirmed that Criterion Games is currently developing a new Need for Speed game for next-generation platforms. That alongside rumors about a remaster of Hot Pursuit in the pipelines as well. While the latter remains in the shadows, the former has been the subject of a new leak.

YouTuber BlackPanthaa has managed to obtained some early gameplay footage of the upcoming Need for Speed game. There are no textures or assets to be found, which have been replaced with placeholders all across the environment. The driving mechanics though seem to be fleshed out to a certain degree.

Despite the prototype appearance, the footage dates back to a recent build from either May or June of this year. The next Need for Speed is slated for a release somewhere in 2021. The nature of the footage implies that to be probably in fall. It would also be unlikely to expect reveals from Criterion Games anytime soon.

It goes without saying that the next-generation Need for Speed game will be triple-a, meaning that the final product will be (hopefully) polished to perfection. The leaked footage may look unappealing, but that is exactly how games look while in development. It also needs to be mentioned that these leaked gameplay footage are always subject to change.

Last month, officially dropped teasers suggested the return of Need for Speed: Underground or at least it appeared that way. The teaser in question was the first twenty seconds of Get Low by Lil John which was used as part of the soundtrack of Underground. Hence, fans have been speculating whether the teaser was for a remaster or a brand new Underground installment.

The closest thing fans of the franchise can expect right now is the re-release of the remastered Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit later this year if reports are indeed accurate.

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