The Last Of Us 2 Multiplayer Leaked In New Video

A new video from YouTuber IrishLizard may have just leaked the Last Of Us 2 multiplayer that many fans have been waiting for. It’s possible this video came out alongside the large amount of leaked footage that dropped just before the game’s release on Playstation 4 back in June of this year.

When the game first came close to coming out, Naughty Dog said that The Last Of Us 2 would not be including its predecessor’s vaunted multiplayer as part of the package. This wasn’t because it wasn’t popular, but more because the size of what Naughty Dog wanted to do with it wouldn’t have fit on the disk.

Thus, while the single player of the game was released in June, the multiplayer component will be coming sometime later. However, we have no idea of what form it will take whenever it eventually comes, and there are a number of different ways it can be implemented.

For instance, we could see The Last Of Us 2 multiplayer being added to the game in a future update. It could also not happen this generation and instead be added to the Playstation 5 remastering of the game when that console comes out. It could also be a free-to-play standalone.

From what little gameplay there was, it appears that the multiplayer will be similar to the original game’s own multiplayer, where players compete against other factions to gather supplies in a team deathmatch-style competition.

It’s possible that Naughty Dog has changed up the formula somewhat from what little of the gameplay the video actually shows, but either way The Last Of Us 2 multiplayer may yet surprise us if Naughty Dog has actually made changes. We’ll just have to keep a lookout for any news about a component like that, and hopefully Naughty Dog will actually have something to show us in the future.