Expect “Huge” Third-Party Games As PlayStation 5 Timed Exclusives

Sony Interactive Entertainment has secured several prominent third-party games as timed exclusives for PlayStation 5. While that would normally be not as surprising but the third-party games being referred here are the ones no one would expect to be anywhere near an exclusivity deal, as in they have always been accepted as multiplatform games or franchises.

In the latest Kinda Funny Games episode, co-host and former Game Informer senior editor Imran Khan stated that the public will be “shocked” to discover the “huge” third-party lineup Sony has locked away as timed exclusives on PlayStation 5. He added that Sony will be lifting the curtains in the coming months and that will be when fans discover for themselves what awaits them on the PlayStation 4 successor. He also pointed out that depending on what next-generation console fans are backing, they will either be outraged or delighted.

There are things you will be shocked to find out that Sony is moneyhatting, like they are locking up for timed exclusivity. Like, ‘wow, that is a game that you’re choosing?’ Not because it’s bad, but because it’s huge.

Khan has been reiterating for the past few days that the Marvel’s Avengers deal is only the beginning. Spider-Man being an exclusive playable character for PlayStation, as well as PlayStation having early access to all new content, is what Sony will be “doing a lot” in the next generation.

Furthermore, a well-known insider has claimed that Final Fantasy 16 will soon be announced as either a timed or permanent exclusive for PlayStation 5. The former was already being assumed but as of late, Sony could perhaps be limiting Final Fantasy 16 to only PlayStation 5 or PlayStation consoles in the case of a cross-generational release. In both scenarios though, Sony is said to be gunning for an exclusivity deal by multiple sources.

PlayStation 5 launches worldwide this holiday season. Sony is yet to confirm both the price and release date.

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