Cory Barlog Is Excited To See God Of War On PS5

Cory Barlog, the boss of Sony Santa Monica, is excited to see what the studio can do with God of War on PS5. This is especially true for the upcoming sequel, even if nothing about it has actually been revealed yet. The console’s solid state drive is a particular focus for Barlog.

One of the major things that both Microsoft and Sony have been saying about the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 are that both consoles will essentially eliminate load times. Barlog believes this important as he thinks that load times take a player out of the game.

The studio already did that with their 2018 God of War game, which was a nearly-seamless experience that only had the game’s upgrading and other menus to break immersion for players. Game immersion will likely become nearly unbroken, if the boasts of no load times turn out to be true.

Of course, cutting down loading times isn’t the only thing we can expect from seeing God of War on PS5. The sequel to the critically-acclaimed 2018 game will likely be far greater in scale even than the already-large first game, especially given the coming of Ragnarok and Kratos and Atreus drawing the attention of other Norse gods.

Barlog expressed his excitement at the prospect of moving to the next generation by saying that there was a great many things that Sony Santa Monica wanted to show its fans. However, that doesn’t mean it will be ready to go right this minute.

Even though he’s excited about all the new things the studio can do for the God of War sequel, Barlog also said it will likely be a few years before developers can really take the console to its full potential, even as much as the studio has been experimenting.

Either way, hopefully when we see the new God of War on PS5 it will have been well worth the wait, much like the first game in the new trilogy was.