Sucker Punch Releases Ghost of Tsushima Patch 1.06

Sucker Punch Productions announced on Twitter that Ghost of Tsushima Patch 1.06 is going to be released later today. The patch isn’t very big, and doesn’t have very much, but if you don’t want to read the patchnotes yourself we’ve got everything in the patch right here for you to see.

First off, Sucker Punch has made a few adjustments to the Traveler’s Attire outfit. The outfit in question is mainly used as a map-clearing outfit, since it notifies you whenever you’re approaching an artifact and also helps to clear away the fog of war on the wider map.

The adjustments to the outfit will enhance it to lead to new audio and visual cues whenever you’re near an artifact. They also are capable of replacing or augmenting controller vibration for a more accessible experience if you’re hard of hearing or colorblind in some way.

Alongside the adjustments to the Traveler’s Attire, Ghost of Tsushima Patch 1.06 is making an adjustment to the game’s Large Text to make it more accessible. The text will now include additional button prompts and objective text.

As for the bug fix portion of the patch, that is similarly short, but no less important. Fixes have been made to prevent a black screen in certain tales that keep players from progressing. A bug where some users could be stuck in Yarikawa tales has also been fixed. There were also other fixes for bugs and crashes.

It’s definitely not as big of a patch as some other games the size of Ghost of Tsushima normally get, but Ghost of Tsushima patch 1.06 is definitely important in terms of accessibility, especially if a player who is colorblind, deaf, or otherwise sensory impaired is playing it but having trouble tracking artifacts.

Then again the adjustments to the Traveler’s Attire are just as handy for other people too, especially if they’re also trying to gather all of the artifacts in the game and don’t have foxes or birds to help them along the way.