Red Dead Online Mountain & Grassland Habitat Animal Locations Guide

In this guide we will discuss all the Red Dead Online Mountain & Grassland Habitat Animal Locations. We will tell you where to find them and how to catch these animals for the Naturalist role.

Let’s not waste any more time and get started with the Mountain and Grassland animals in RDO.

Red Dead Online Mountain & Grassland Habitat Animal Locations

Before we start you should know that there is a certain probability of finding an animal in a specific area.

If you are unable to find an animal, just respawn into the lobby and the probability will go back to its original state making it easier for you to find that animal.

American Badger
You can find this animal next to Riggs Station. They are always more likely to be found near Tall trees.

Dry weather suits this badger a lot so wherever in America the climate is a little arid, you will find this badger.

It preys on squirrels, prairie, dogs and moles for food as it is a carnivore. You can take it out with a small amount of sedative.

The Rocky Mountain Bull Elk
You would be able to find this Elk close to Little Creek River and in Cumberland Forest. This animal is inherent to the New Hanover and Ambarino areas. These animals feed on what any herbivore would; grass, leaves, plants etc.

If you want to hunt these, you should stay away and use a sedative at them using a ranged weapon to make them unconscious and then you can get close.

Rocky Mountain Cow Elk
This Elk would also be found in the same area as the Rocky Mountain bull Elk and it has the same qualities as the Bull Elk. It is just a bit larger so you might more sedative to knock this one out.

Timber Wolf
This wolf would be found in the Cumberland Forest as well as the Grizzlies. It’s common sense that a wolf is carnivorous so it would eat other animals by killing them such as the elk, mice, rabbits, and squirrels.

It would take a lot of sedative to knock this puppy out.  Be prepared to administer multiple shots of sedative.

Gray Wolf
The gray wolf is more common than the gray wolf. These wolves are spotted around the northern area of the Tall Trees or inside the Big Valley.

They eat deer, mountain goats or other herbivorous small animals that it can kill as it is a carnivore.

It is neither too big nor small so a normal amount of sedative will be enough to knock it out. They are more likely to be found at night near the Cumberland Forest and the Grizzlies.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram
This herbivorous animal is found in the Grizzlies region and also in the Cumberland forest.

They feed on grass and hedges as well as woody plants when the weather is colder.

This Ram is pretty big so, be sure to be packing a lot of sedative as it will not go down easily.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
They can be found in the same region as the Ram, has the same diet and would need roughly the same amount of sedative to take out. The map below shows its general location.

California Valley Coyote
In order to find this animal, you have to go to New Austin, West Elizabeth, Lemoyne or New Hanover. As being carnivorous creatures, they feed on the meat of smaller animals such as rodents.

They are small in size so a little amount of sedative will do the trick. To make your search efficient head to the Cumberland Forest as you would need to travel less.

The other good option is the Heartlands.

Whitetail Buck
This can be found in any forest across America such as East Lemoyne, The Heartlands, or close to Cumberland Forest. Like other herbivores it feeds on nuts, buds, twigs, and green plants.

You need to stay away from it while using the sedative as it can be startled easily and it would be hard to capture it if it tries to run away. It will take several shots of sedative to bring it down.

Whitetail Deer
It is mostly found in New Hanover, East Lemoyne or The Heartlands but it is also present in other forests throughout America.

Their diet is the same as Whitetail buck and the same amount of sedative will be needed for it as well.

The most probable location to find it is close to the Thieves landing, west of Strawberry or north east of Blue Water Marsh.

Wild Boars
This omnivorous animal eats meat as well as roots and fruits. For meat it preys on amphibians, reptiles, insects, worms as well as smaller mammals.

You can find it in almost all the forest of America but specifically New Hanover, Lemoyne or West Elizabeth would be the best places to look.

They will be easier to find in the same places as the Whitetail deer.

American Bison
A bison is an herbivore so it feeds on grains, hay and corn and it can be located in West Elizabeth or the plains of New Hanover.

It is a big animal so it must need a large quantity of sedative to knock it out.

Specifically, in order to find them head to the middle of Heartland Oil Fields and Heartland Overflow. They can also be found in the Great Plains near Blackwater.

American Pronghorn Buck
This is found in the same areas as the American Bison. It is a herbivore so it feeds on sagebrush, green shoots, grasses and forbs. It takes multiple shots to knock it out.

American Pronghorn Doe
This is also present in the same areas as the Bison and it has the same diet as the Pronghorn Buck and require roughly the same amount of sedative to render unconscious.

If you sample a lot of these animals, it will speed up your process of leveling up. Getting enough samples and taking them to Harriet to get the corresponding stamp on your guide book is very rewarding.

Getting all the stamps, you can turn them in to get 1000XP that will level you up quickly. If you do this multiple times, voila your level will be higher than a teenager with weed

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