Othercide Mission Mechanics Guide

Othercide is a diverse game in terms of the types of quests and their difficulty level. Some missions might seem like a piece of cake but the others might get you frustrated. There are four types of Othercide Missions, namely; Hunt, Rescue Survival and Ritual.

As mentioned above, some missions might become a headache but that is exactly where this guide will be very handy. In the following guide we will go through the details of each type of mission.

Othercide Mission Mechanics

There are certain facts about the missions mechanics in Othercide that you must know before we advance any further. These missions work in a strange way.

Each chapter in the game has seven days and in order to progress to the next day you will need to complete at least one mission of any type.

At a time you can only do one mission and on the seventh day, the only mission will be the boss fight.

The missions have Challenging, hard and impossible difficulty levels which shouldn’t fool you as even the missions with lowest difficulty might the most annoying ones.

Furthermore, in some missions you can only bring a certain number of Daughters.

If you abandon a mission while it is in progress then the entire squad in that particular mission will die.

Alternatively, you can press ALT+F4 to end the game and reload the mission from the start without the loss of daughters.

Hunt Missions
Hunt missions are the most easy and straightforward missions in Othercide. All you need to focus on is killing the enemies.

So basically your objective is only to clear the area off of the enemies. Consequently you need to adopt the appropriate strategy.

At the start there will be fewer enemies but as the mission progresses the quantity will increase. Keep that in mind and slay the enemies to completely finish the mission.

Survival Missions
These missions might get a bit tricky as you need to stay defensive and wait for the evac point to appear so that you can exit the level successfully after the HUD counter reaches zero.

The only problem is that the evac point might be at an unexpected and unfavourable position and reaching it could be a hassle.

You could have to face a loss of daughters which you can easily avoid by exiting the game by pressing ALT+F4. Now you will already know where the evac point is so make your daughters camp near that point.

You must interact with the leave prompt that appears on the evac point to exit the level successfully.

Rescue Missions
These missions are the most tricky and most difficult missions in Othercide where you need to rescue a VIP aka the Bright Soul to the evac point.

The most appropriate strategy to adopt here is to stay extremely defensive. Make sure that you kill most of the enemies mob in the initial area so you won’t have to deal with them at the evac point.

When most of the enemies are in the initial area, use your daughter’s delaying skills like Soulsinger or Sheildbreaker classes to clear the house.

You can also use the Daughters reactions here. After a 35 to 40 minutes struggle here the mobs will stop spawning and you can finally reach the evac point easily.

You can choose to sacrifice or rescue the VIP. Sacrificing it will reward you with a Resurrection Stone which you can use to revive your fallen Daughters in the current mission.

If you let the VIP go you will be rewarded with Vitae that you can use to recruit more low level daughters.

In the start rescue mission gather Vitae to use low level daughters as a distraction and then sacrifice the VIP to bring back higher level daughters back.

Ritual Missions
In these rare missions you will have to kill the special enemy, the Lost Soul. Killing this enemy might be difficult as it comes with a lot of HP and can caste some devastating spells that can easily wipe your squad out.

Furthermore, in some of these missions you may be restrained to bringing only 2 daughters to the mission.

Some of the missions where you can easily reach the Lost Soul and cause immediate damage might be easy as compared to the ones where the Lost Soul is far away you have to use lots of AP to reach it.

Not only that you will have to deal with the spawning enemies too! For these missions Synthedancers are most appropriate as they can easily fight armoured enemies and have more capacity to take damage.