Warzone’s Success Delayed Call Of Duty 2020, Says Activision

Activision has finally come around to explain why the announcement of the new Call of Duty 2020 had to be held back. That despite of several leaks which have ascertained the upcoming game to be a new Black Ops set during the Cold War.

During an earnings call for the second quarter ended for the 2020 financial year, president Rob Kostich stated that the immense success of Call of Duty: Warzone (via CharlieIntel) forced Activision to shift marketing strategies. There are over 75 million players jumping into Verdansk right now. Kostich stated that Warzone has given Activision “a larger, more engaged, and more global audience” for direct engagement unlike before, which confirms past reports that Warzone will be used as a platform to announce Call of Duty 2020 with seasonal content.

[Warzone] means we [Activision] can be more direct and more targeted than we’ve ever been before. So that’s a huge benefit and plus for us when we think about marketing on that vector.

Kostich further added that Warzone has changed how Activision will be sharing news with the community. He hinted that to be the reason why Call of Duty 2020 was never announced. The implication being that Activision was using the extra time to have developer Infinity Ward prepare Warzone for the new Black Ops.

So if you look at Warzone in particular, it’s not only like a great game experience, but it’s also a great platform for us to share new franchise news and information directly with our community like we’ve haven’t done before.

So this also a big and positive change for us as we think about the business. And kinda to your initial point you were you talking about why…the waiting for such a long time, we are and we aren’t, but it’s Warzone that’s caused us to rethink how, when, and even where we reveal our upcoming titles.

It has been a norm for the publisher to announce a new Call of Duty game in the summers and use the months ahead for reveals and marketing. By that schedule, Call of Duty 2020 should have already been announced in the past couple of months. Those months though were when Warzone was reported to be expanding to receive new locations for players to explore. Verdansk was said to be getting updated with new content that would connect with the narrative of Call of Duty 2020. With the fifth season of Warzone live, and Activision admitting as such, the much-awaited announcement looks to be just around the corner.

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