How to Fix Fall Guys Connection Error and Controller Issues

Today is the day that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout releases on the Playstation 4 and PC. However, PC players are already running into trouble with their internet connections and controllers. Through the Steam forums, we’ve come across some fixes for the Fall Guys connection error problem, along with the controller issues.

We’ll start off with one of the easiest solutions: Not only is Fall Guys a newly-released game, it’s also a multiplayer game that can host up to a hundred people at once. It’s possible that the connection errors are due to the game’s servers being overloaded on launch day. Simply waiting for a while, or for a different day, can help.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account supports this theory, and it’s likely that Fall Guys wasn’t capable of holding such a large amount of players, and that its devs weren’t expecting so many people to jump in. Either way, the account says that they’re working hard to try and get it to run smoothly.

Naturally, if you want to know if the connection issues are at your end or the developer’s end, you need to keep track of their twitter account for any latest updates and announcements.

Other ways to fix the Fall Guys connection error is to check your own internet. While the devs have been working to beef up the servers, your own internet might also be responsible for giving you trouble in the game. Be sure to check your router.

There’s also a fix for some PC controller issues that people may be having. Thankfully, there appears to be a simple solution to this. Putting Steam into Big Picture mode, you have select “Manage Game” from Fall Guys’ sidebar. Under the Steam Input settings, go to Controller Options and change the “Steam Input Pre-Game Settings” option to “Forced On”. This will allow your gamepad to work with the game right from the beginning.

Hopefully this will be all that you need to get the game to work properly, but there’s bound to be a few issues on account of the game being one of August’s PS Plus games, which means that a large number of people likely have downloaded it to try and play for free.

If you haven’t downloaded Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout yet yourself, you can get it for free on the Playstation 4, or buy it on Steam.