Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Tips and Tricks

In our Fall Guys Beginner’s Guide, we’ll get you up to speed on all the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Tips and Tricks that you need to make sure that your jelly bean is the last standing jelly bean. Or should I say, the last jumping jelly bean?

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Tips and Tricks

The recently released Battle Royale, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has unleashed numerous jelly bean look-alike minions jumping across a series of minigames.

Making the Best out of Game Mechanics
There is a single road to victory out there, and that is to stay up on your feet. With tiny legs and unorthodox bodies, this becomes one of the biggest challenges of the game.

You can try not to fall by jumping, diving, and grabbing. Once you’ve mastered all three, your opponents are only there for the show.

Most of your time will be spent jumping around so it’s better to master the art of jumping before you move onto diving and grabbing.

You can learn more about jumping mechanics of the game during the minigames that feature races.

In these games, you’ll have plenty of chances to respawn so feel free to explore the bounds of your jump.

And if you’ve had it with the crowd and need a break, look out for yellow triangles in certain minigames.

They’ll give you an extra push and you can jump further into the sky.

Contrary to jumping, diving will send you straight in search of the floor and it will be a moment before you can get up and act as if nothing ever happened.

But it will get you out of tricky situations quite often. Such as those times in Fall Ball where you’ll have to head butt the ball into the goal, or when you have to dodge an opponent in Tail Tag.

Diving right after you’ve just jumped can help you gain the extra distance and clear larger gaps.

Finally, there is the grabbing mechanism. This could be used in a lot of situations, such as grabbing onto a ledge, holding your opponent’s back in Hoarders to give your teammates a chance to steal away the ball, or grabbing the eggs in Egg Scramble.

You can also jump and grab onto stuff, but this will require a lot of practice.

Talking of grabbing eggs, grab the maximum you can early during the game, and then switch your strategy to the defensive.

Always have your teammates guarding them as hostile jelly beans might appear to grab and steal your precious eggs.

You haven’t really made the best use of grab mechanism until you’ve grabbed an opponent right after they’ve taken off and brought them back to the ground.

Know Where to Stand
The game can get confusing at times with so much happening around you that you don’t even know where to place your next step.

This is when you have to stand back and observe where everyone is going, and just follow their lead.

Or you can just place yourself in the middle of the herd and keep following it wherever it goes until you know the game well enough to devise your own path.

If there isn’t a crown waiting for you at the end, there is no harm in staying towards the middle or the end of the crowd.

But there are times where you need to go exactly the opposite of where everyone is going, such as in Hex-A-Gone where the floor starts to disappear.

However, you can always let your opponents get ahead of you and show you the perfect route.

Also try to stay away from the crowd in minigames such as Jump Club, Roll Out, and Whirly Gig.

Things could go sideways if your opponents feel the need to grab and pull you towards them.

During Fruit Shoot, it’s better to stick towards the edge, either towards the left or towards the right. There will be fewer chances of you being squashed by a giant fruit.

At the end, whatever you do and wherever you decide to position yourself, never move backward.

If you can’t move forward, try to spin around at the same exact spot.

Making it Through the Seesaw
Use the jump and dive technique to avoid rolling over. Always jump and dive towards the middle white line and don’t rush. Be patient and pick the best moment to jump.

Be a Team Player
When it comes to team games, there is no point in being a one-man army as you might take a big fall if you fail to cooperate with your teammates.

Teams are there for a reason. Plan ahead and assign duties as to who would be taking care of the objectives and who would be keeping the opponents busy.

Such as in the Rolling Ball game, you can have a few of your teammates focused on moving the ball while you can move ahead and create hurdles for your opponents.

Hold your excitement!
Have you made it till the end of the level and there is this flashy golden crown in front of you making your sugary eyes pop out?

As tempting as it seems you’ll have to wait for a little while and make the jump at the perfect moment.

The crown moves up and down and nothing is more heartbreaking than jumping and still not making it to the crown.

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