How to Unlock Outfits and Other Cosmetics in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Our Fall Guys Outfits and Cosmetics Guide will walk you through each and everything that you need to be aware of in order to customize the look of your character and make it stand out amidst the horde of players racing it out to reach the crown at the end.

The Cosmetics in Fall Guys feature assorted items which include Colors, Pattern, Face, Outfit, and Theatrics.

Fall Guys Outfits and Cosmetics

You can either purchase these items using the likes of real-world cash and in-game currencies such as Kudos and Crowns or you can get your hands on them through the old school way – progress forward with the game and win them as rewards time by time.

Let’s go ahead and shed some light on both of these methods to unlock outfits in Fall Guys.

Cosmetics for Cash!
As mentioned above, real-world cash and in-game currencies known as Kudos and Crowns are used for this purpose.

There are occasional offers of premium cosmetic bundles on the Playstation Store and Steam which contain any of the Cosmetic items mentioned before.

You can simply use some extra real-world cash on you to make a purchase or if you’re too hesitant for that, don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of more choices.

For Kudos, as long as you keep on completing seasonal tasks, you’ll keep earning a decent amount of them in the form of rewards.

However, if you wanna speed up the process, the option of using real-world money to buy Kudos is also up for consideration!

On the other hand, acquiring Crowns is slightly more difficult. You can either get them by being victorious in a complete game or by reaching specific levels of battle pass (5, 20, and 32).

In other words, you’re gonna have to spend a lot of playing the Fall Guys as completing mini-games to progress ahead in the battle pass, and winning a whole game is no easy task.

Remember that for some of the Cosmetics, you’ll require only either Kudos or Crowns.

So, it’s better if you first make a choice on which item you want to buy and then strive accordingly to get the currency needed for it instead of wasting a lot of time chasing both.

Earning Fame – Cosmetics as seasonal rewards!
This method doesn’t demand much effort out of you and is rather, time-consuming.

All you have to do is keep playing the game during a season, and boost up your Fame which is basically, a form of XP.

With more and more Fame you acquire, you’ll continue to unlock the seasonal rewards corresponding to a certain Fame threshold.

These rewards will contain brand-new outfits, faces, colors, and patterns.

Each Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout season’s rewards will expire as soon as it ends so make sure you don’t miss out on any of them!

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