Doom Eternal Update 1.06 Released, Includes Patch Notes

Id Software has released Doom Eternal update 1.06, which is 2.5 gigs worth of various changes and additions to Doom Eternal. The update was just released today, and includes performance updates for all consoles, PC, and a number of fixes for both platforms as well. And we’ve got all the notes here.

To start off with, on consoles, weapon switching has been enabled both in Campaign and Battlemode. Battlemode. Battlemode has also had its latency improved, and the Mancubus can now shoot after starting a double jump. Some demon loadouts also now include Makyr Drones, but they are no longer loot pinatas in Battlemode.

PC has also gained some Battlemode improvements. The Slayer’s Precision Bolt now deals 100 less damage per shot to player demons, and their starting ammunition has been reduced. Just in case you didn’t think demons had enough of an advantage.

In addition to fixes to the Battlemode for both consoles and PC, Doom Eternal update 1.06 has given a lot of fixes out in the campaign and battlemode for all platforms, and battlemode fixes have also been added for the PC version of the game.

In the campaign, the Gladiator should now properly drop health while staggered, and the Khan Makyr should also drop health whenever she’s Blood Punched. The AI will no longer become invulnerable after failing a Glory Kill, and the Cacodemon will now react appropriately to being Meathooked or Blood Punch attacks while also choking on a grenade.

Various animations, such as Zombies and Barons of Hell, should also now run properly. The Arch Vile’s Glory Kill animation should now also have less of an issue rendering gibs when done from the front. In the Cultist Base, your Extra Lives should also remain during the Revenant segment. Finally, challenges and notifications should display properly.

There’s a large number of Doom Eternal update 1.06 patch notes that we didn’t get to here, but if you’re replaying any missions in an attempt to get every collectible or playing through the game again on other difficulties, you might want to take a look at them by following this link.