New Goal Kick Rule Shown in Leaked FIFA 21 Screenshot

Things are changing in the football scene as a new rule is stirring things up for every team. The new rule is about the goal kick and the fact that players can now pass the ball within their goal perimeter. The goal kick rule will also apply to FIFA 21 as a new leaked screenshot suggests.

The leak comes from Twitter and includes an alleged FIFA 21 screenshot showing players waiting for the goal kick within the box. It’s almost certain that teams will abuse this new rule in their upcoming games. The same goes for FIFA 21 as players already claim that the new goal kick pass will change the way matches are played.

The screenshot shows the goal kick in FIFA 21 from a third-person perspective behind the goalkeeper. You can see teammates waiting for the ball pass inside the box while the enemy team is waiting just outsite it. According to the rule, the enemy players will be able to contest as soon as the goalkeeper touches the ball.


A few days ago, another leak emerged showing footage from FIFA 21, including its UI and facial expressions for players. Although the authenticity of the footage is questionable, everything seems to be on par with what we should expect from the upcoming title.

In related FIFA 21 news, Roma won’t be available in the game as the required license was not renewed. This is the second team to sway off the FIFA 21 rights after Juventus. Both teams will be available under another name. This won’t be changing much in the way you play the game as Roma’s name will change to Roma FC, causing no issue to the players buying FIFA 21 in the next months.

FIFA 21 releases on October 6th on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Sadly, the PC edition won’t include any next-gen enhancements and will focus on current hardware capabilities. Electronic Arts has a legacy edition set to launch on Nintendo Switch as well. As for the next generation of consoles, the yearly release of FIFA will arrive on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X as soon as the consoles launch.

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