Final Fantasy 16 Rumored To Be PlayStation 5 Exclusive

There have been several rumors in the past few months alone that indicate Square Enix to be steadily working on Final Fantasy 16. The fabled new installment in the franchise remains to be officially announced but based on rumors though, a reveal may be just around the corner and that too with a massive surprise.

According to a verified ResetEra member, Final Fantasy 16 is very much real. The same member predicted most of the lineup that was shown during the recent PlayStation 5 digital event. Hence, when such a source claims something about Final Fantasy 16, there may possibly be some truth to the matter.

“Navtra” had previously pegged Final Fantasy 16 for the PlayStation 5 showcase last month, but the game ended up missing. While predicting the lineup for the next PlayStation 5 digital event, Navtra once again added the game to the list of potential announcements.

The insider is presuming the delay to be because Square Enix and Sony are drawing up an exclusivity deal. Final Fantasy 16 will be either a timed or permanent exclusive game for PlayStation 5. The former was already being assumed but as of late, Sony could be limiting Final Fantasy 16 to only PlayStation 5 or PlayStation consoles in the case of a cross-generational release. In both scenarios though, Sony is said to be gunning for an exclusivity deal.

XVI is real. It was supposed to get announced in June’s event. It’s supposedly closer than most people would think. It has some kind of PS5 exclusivity (it was vague back then but it seems to be full timed exclusivity now). And I have no idea why they haven’t announced it yet.

Final Fantasy 16 rumors have been surfacing for nearly two years now. It goes without saying that both fans and Square Enix would love to see a new installment on next-generation hardware. However, even if the game is in development, a release would likely not be anytime soon. Square Enix has been focusing on essentially one or two mainline Final Fantasy projects per generation, not including spin-offs and remasters. It suffices that Final Fantasy 16 is probably eying a release in the middle of the next generation.

Something else to take away is that Sony has reportedly been investing a lot into PlayStation 5 exclusive content for the launch year. Only recently, former Game Informer senior editor Imran Khan cautioned fans to be prepared for more PlayStation exclusivity news. He noted that Sony will be “doing this a lot” and “the next year will be a marathon of getting upset” when third-party developers drop the bomb. It only adds more fuel to the fire that Final Fantasy 16 could end up as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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