Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Look To Be “Opening Soon”

Microsoft may possibly be getting ready to give major retailers the go-ahead to start taking pre-orders for Xbox Series X.

Earlier today, it was brought to notice (via Press Start) that Australian Telstra Corporation Limited has been notifying customers to update their subscription details because “pre-orders for the Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access will open soon.”

Telstra serves as an official Microsoft partner in Australia and the Xbox All Access programme allows customers in the country to purchase an Xbox console with Live Gold on monthly installments. Those who have registered themselves to be interested in purchasing an Xbox Series X are now being advised by Telstra to be ready for when pre-orders go live.

Microsoft though has not made any such announcements. Xbox Series X has only been confirmed to be launching worldwide during the holiday season at the end of the year. Microsoft has neither stated a release date nor a price tag.

However, with the holiday season just around the corner, September looks to be a safe bet for when pre-orders should be opening. That also means that Microsoft should be revealing the price of Xbox Series X beforehand.

The next digital showcase has already been suggested to be taking place later this month. While there is a large belief that Microsoft will be announcing the all-digital Project Lockhart in August, there may be a slim chance for the same digital event to bring forth a price tag for Xbox Series X and perhaps Xbox Series S.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has reportedly decided to remove the overwhelmingly large “Optimized For Xbox Series X” badge from the official box arts. There was criticism that the numerous brandings on the front was making box arts look incredibly bloated. While not officially confirmed, the optimized badge is presumed to has now been shifted to the back of the game boxes instead.

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