Xbox Series X Optimized Badge Has Been Removed From The Box Arts

Microsoft revealed a rather bloated design last month of the official box arts that Xbox Series X games would come packaged in. There were just too many branding elements on the front cover with the biggest criticism being for the overwhelmingly large “Optimized For Xbox Series X” badge.

Earlier today, it has come to light that Microsoft has decided to act on fan-feedback and remove the optimized badge from the front of the box art. The difference being a more clearer and cleaner box art. While not officially confirmed, the optimized badge is presumed to has now been shifted to the back of the Xbox Series X game boxes instead.

Microsoft will still be supporting Xbox One after Xbox Series X launches worldwide later in the year. Some of the more popular Xbox One games, in addition to upcoming cross-generational games, will receive enhanced graphics that are optimized to take advantage of the beefier hardware capabilities of the newer console. Such games will have the Xbox Series X enhancement badge on the box art. Hence, buyers will know beforehand what Xbox One games come with next-generation enhancements.

Upcoming games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as well as all games from Xbox Game Studios, will be releasing for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Through the new Smart Delivery feature, players will have to purchase only one version to get the other for free. The Xbox Series X optimized badge will indicate that these games can be updated with new and improved visual fidelity if players bought them for their older console.

Elsewhere, Microsoft will be hosting another digital event in the coming months to make more next-generation announcements. Microsoft though has not confirmed when the next digital showcasing will be held. That being said, many believe that the show might be coming as soon as later this month. In addition to new games, preferably first-party, there is also the all-digital Project Lockhart that remains to be announced. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has no plans to force next-generation expenses onto the community, which is why the company will be opting for cross-generational support for at least the first couple of years.

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