Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Trailer Confirms Map Changes

The much-anticipated trailer to launch the fifth season of Call of Duty: Warzone, as well as Modern Warfare, has finally been dropped by Infinity Ward.

Just as it was being reported in the past few months, Verdansk will be expanding to receive several new locations for players to explore. That will be in addition to the fulfillment of two special requests that players have been sending to Infinity Ward ever since Warzone was released.

Firstly, the football stadium in the middle of the map is being opened. The trailer confirms that the glass dome ceiling will be shattered to serve as an entrance point for players to drop onto the turf and benchers inside. There may possibly be other entrances to get inside as well.

Secondly, the train station between boneyard and hospital finally has a purpose. Not only is the location itself being opened to allow access to an underground area, a literal train will be steaming around the entire map. The train will reportedly be loaded with loot and stationary weapons for players to man. The trailer makes it pretty obvious that more than half of the Warzone player-base will be trying to board the train once the fifth season goes live.

Lastly, the trailer teases a new way to scale skyscrapers in Warzone. Either players will receive a new gadget to zip themselves from the ground to top, or the tallest buildings will all be getting a permanent zip line that players can scale from the outside. Either way beats running up the stairs for over a dozen floors.

Take note that the current, fourth season will conclude in a couple of days as the new season officially goes live for all supported platforms on August 5. That will be with a new battle pass, meaning that the community only has the next couple of days to max out their current battle pass.

While the incoming new season will have players excited, there is the matter of the anti-cheat that looms over like a dark cloud. Warzone has been taken over by hackers and cheaters, making the game a frustrating experience and most often, downright unplayable. Infinity Ward has made several promises to improve the anti-cheat but all efforts made have yet to yield results. Maybe the new season will turn that around.

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