Metal Gear Solid 5 PS3 Servers Achieve Nuclear Disarmament

Two days ago, players on the Playstation 3 servers of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain achieved something that should have otherwise been impossible. Nuclear disarmament in the game’s multiplayer servers have been achieved, meaning that no nuclear weapons exist in any possible Mother Bases in the game on the PS3.

Phantom Pain has a (tacked on) multiplayer mechanic where players can outfit and upgrade their own different Mother Bases. Players must defend their bases from being attacked by other versions of Big Boss who will try and steal their resources.

Aside from their actual soldiers being guards, players can avoid having their bases attacked by possessing nuclear weapons, which renders you immune. However, as a criticism on nuclear deterrence, the game includes a cutscene that plays should all the bases on a server get rid of their nukes.

The odds of such a thing happening in Metal Gear Solid 5, PS3 servers or no, was quite low, as many players didn’t want to have to constantly defend their bases, but it finally happened. The cutscene, which can be seen here, shows Revolver Ocelot giving a speech and little else.

While it’s little more than a feel-good cutscene, Metal Gear Solid has never been subtle about political views, extolling the virtues of individual freedoms over security, criticisms of the war economy, and analysis of Cold War politics.

Of course, considering that Metal Gear Solid 5 came out five years ago in 2015, it stands to reason that every nuke in the game would eventually be disarmed by whatever dedicated Playstation 3 playerbase would have stuck with the game by this point.

Either way it’s still a significant achievement, especially since this happened in 2020, five years after the game released, and it’s only been the Playstation 3 version that’s managed to achieve this. Also nice to see that some people still play Metal Gear, despite Konami’s actions towards Hideo Kojima.