Hitman 3 Features Are “Driven & Inspired” By PS5 Tech

PlayStation 5 opened up a lot of new doors for developer IO Interactive to take advantage of when creating a “world of assassination” with Hitman 3.

Speaking with the official PlayStation Magazine for the latest issue, creative director Mattias Engström pointed out that the new “Hitman 3 is a game about experimentation” and the next-generation capabilities of PlayStation 5 has made it possible for players to come into a sandbox to experiment as they wish.

Engström stated that the save/load feature has always been an important part of the franchise since players love to revisit the same areas to explore multiple possibilities. Hence, the lightning-fast solid-state drive (SSD) makes PlayStation 5 “the perfect home” for the concluding Hitman trilogy.

Engström also stated that beyond the custom SSD, the “power” of PlayStation 5 allows the game to do a lot more. He referred to better resolution and frame-rate while noting that the new maps and locations of Hitman 3 will be brimming with activity. Engström teased that players will be surprised to see just how busy some areas will be in the new game, all made possible by PlayStation 5.

Hitman 3 is going to mark yet another big leap forward for our technology, driven and inspired by the capabilities of the PS5. [It’s an] extraordinarily complex game that has multiple systems running at the same time that support each other, so having more power to play with gives us more options and lets us do significantly more.

On the subject of technical improvements, Engström stated that the environments and lighting have been pushed to their limits. While not confirming support for ray tracing reflections, he did praise the results of screen space reflections in Hitman 3.

Specifically, screen space reflections are truly pushed to its limits in Hitman 3. These improvements will be added across the trilogy. The other day Dag, one of our tech artists, showed me some before and after shots on the Paris fashion show and the difference in quality was mind-blowing to me.

Hitman 3 will be the eighth mainline installment in the franchise and the final installment in the recent trilogy. The new game will be releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Google Stadia somewhere in January 2021.

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