Hawkeye DLC Will Be Marvel’s Avengers First Post-Launch Content

One particular face has been missing from the Avengers lineup in Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers game since the game was announced last year. Now, Crystal Dynamics has announced that the game’s first piece of post-launch content will be Hawkeye DLC, finally bringing an often-forgotten Avenger into a big story role.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has not been kind to Hawkeye, giving him virtually no screentime in Thor, making him a bad guy for most of The Avengers, and never giving him a standalone story of his own, so hopefully the DLC for this game, even if he’s not in it to start with, will at least help to remedy that.

It won’t be just a way for you to play through the game as Hawkeye with no changes, either. Apparently, the DLC gives Hawkeye some of his own story beats and roles in the story that help to flesh it out further, which studio head Scot Amos says helps to tie up some gaps players might notice in the default campaign.

The Hawkeye DLC will tell us what Hawkeye has been doing in the five years between the game’s intro level and when the game’s actual story starts, which means we might get a return to Ronin, who made his MCU debut in Avengers: Endgame.

Hawkeye’s whole DLC will be his own story of what he was up to, and players will even be able to go through his DLC as a whole co-operative experience if you still want to play the DLC with friends. You can also use Hawkeye in other moments in the game’s main story.

The Hawkeye DLC is only one of the multiple different heroes that we’ll be getting from Marvel’s Avengers, with at least one other DLC being added being Kamalah Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel. Marvel’s Avengers is set to release on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on September 4. It will also be coming to next-gen consoles.